Strategic Technology Plan & Implementation

A Strategic Technology Plan is Critical

Creating a Strategic Technology Plan for your organization is critical. Too often, corporate networks are built piecemeal as various needs arise. This results in IT systems that are disjointed, difficult to support, and of utmost concern, contain significant security holes that could allow hackers and other bad actors access to your data and resources.

IT Redundancies

It is also common that in larger organizations, multiple solutions are in use to fulfill the same need within different departments due to the lack of internal communications and proper planning procedures.

All this adds up to increased risk, inefficiencies, end user frustration, and unnecessary expense.

Strategic Technology Planning Process

Give Aero Technology Group a call and let us step you through our methodology for creating and implementing a Strategic Technology Plan for your organization. Each plan is unique to its organization, but it all starts with a discovery process that includes:

  • Mission of the organization
  • Stakeholder identification / Goals
  • Target customer/consumer
  • Geographic footprint
  • Compliance considerations
  • Needs Assessment
  • Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Acceptable Use Considerations
  • Infrastructure Review/Documentation
  • Current / Future Initiatives
  • Support Plan
  • Training Requirements

A Holistic Strategic Technology Plan

By approaching the Strategic Technology Plan holistically and looking at the “big picture” of the organization, a plan can be developed that will put you on a logical, cost-effective, and secure path that will serve the organization for years to come.

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