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You need to assess your cybersecurity status – right now – and continually! Call Aero Technology Group and have us come in for a free discussion regarding your cybersecurity footing.

Why Cybersecurity?

In today’s massively connected world, there is an ever-expanding palette of opportunities and motivation for cybercriminals to hijack your systems. Some of the reasons cybercriminals want to break into your systems are:

  • Ransomware – Hold your data hostage for money.
  • Data Theft - Customer / bank information, intellectual property, and more.
  • Service Disruption – Force any outside-facing services you offer offline.
  • “Just Because”/Bragging Rights – Bored people who need to find a legitimate hobby.

Cybersecurity Exposures

Making the matter worse is that the potential points of entry into your systems is expanding at a rapid rate. Not too long ago you had to just make sure you had a decent firewall and good antivirus software. But now, potential attack points/methods include (but are certainly not limited to): 

  • Mobile phones/devices
  • Workstations
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Smart TVs
  • HVAC Systems
  • Home Internet Connections
  • Public USB Charging Stations
  • “Lost” USB Devices
  • Virtually any Internet-connected device
  • Internet-connected vehicles
  • Social engineering (i.e. skillfully persuading an end user to give up passwords or perform actions)

Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity is not just purchasing some products and trusting you are secure. It is a far-reaching strategy that includes disaster planning and recovery, layering, continual monitoring and adjusting to new threat potentials.

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