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When your I.T. systems

Just. Have. To. Work. – Period.

Call Aero Technology Group to learn how we can make all aspects I.T. systems as automatic as the sun coming up!

Managed IT Can Save You $$$

Most small and medium-sized businesses try to save money by minimizing I.T. expenditures, implementing I.T. solutions themselves, or calling for support as a last resort. The reality is that although well intentioned, it often costs the company many times whatever savings they perceive they are realizing. Some of the ways in which this is a very costly approach are:

  • Lost Productivity – You need to focus on your core business!
  • Lost Opportunity – Go chase those sales instead of fiddling with computers!
  • Sub-standard Performance – Tuning needs to be done to maximize the performance of your I.T. system.
  • Security Holes – DIY implementations often leave gaping security holes for hackers to exploit.
  • Support Gaps – DIY implementations and old, unsupported platforms can be difficult or impossible to fix if they break. This only compounds Lost Productivity/Lost Opportunity.
  • No Threat Monitoring – Most DIY or one-time installations do not provide for the on-going monitoring of cybersecurity threats that are always expanding.
  • High Data Loss Exposure – Without proper planning, your organization is at risk of losing data that could result in ransomware payouts, heavy fines (if your organization is compliance-driven), or even result in the company going out of business. Data is your most important asset and needs to be defended and protected continually!

Managed IT 24x7x365

Call Aero Technology Group today and let us show you how for a single, affordable monthly fee we can keep you systems running 24 X 7, continually monitor your cybersecurity footprint, perform all the behind-the-scenes maintenance that I.T. system require, and let you concentrate on what makes your company money!

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